We are organising a special session on multidimensional biomedical signal and image processing at the Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Association’s Annual Summit and Conference.

In biomedical engineering multidimensional data is becoming ever more ubiquitous. Often large numbers of sensors are employed to record multiple concurrent time series and/or multiple parametric information. While medical imaging regularly utilizes 3D volumetric data, 4D volumetric time series or even higher dimensional data with several dynamic or parametric directions. Traditional signal and image processing techniques apply only to one or two dimensional data and are not always well equipped to extend beyond this. However, this data is often highly related describing either the same or interconnected biological systems and therefore cannot be treated as independent. Hence, there is a need to develop techniques for processing this data whilst taking into account the relationships between dimensions of the data and their biological significance. This special session will present a range of papers addressing approaches for dealing with multidimensional data from a variety of biomedical applications.

More details on the APSIPA ASC and paper submission can be found here: APSIPA ASC 2020. If you are interested in submitting a paper to the special session feel free to get in touch.